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Integrated Development Association of Bangladesh (INDAB) ,which is a non profitable organization of Bangladesh, has been working for the socioeconomic development of the poor and deprived people of Bangladesh since 1984. INDAB aspires to be recognized as a progressive NGO and it aims to achieve this by ensuring that all of our activities are relevant to : eradicate poverty, ensure women empowerment, establish older people, children and women rights as well as health, provide humanitarian aid, guarantee food security, fight against disaster, reinforce the role civil society, spread the light of education, save environment , to do research and so on. INDAB successfully combines traditional values of excellence in socioeconomic development with an attitude that challenges conventional practices and produces new ways of developing and delivering development activities. We conduct activities that make a difference because of our integrity and partnerships. INDAB always encourages building partnerships as collective efforts ensure success. We are highly grateful to our donors and partners, both national and international, whose cooperation has helped us to achieve our success. In future we have plenty of things to do for the improvement of lives of the extreme people of Bangladesh; hence, we need your advice, assistance and cooperation. I look forward to welcoming you to INDAB.

Thanking you

S I Kabir
Executive Director
























CMDRR project running aimed at to achieve Disaster Resilient Community. Our major initiative is to build peoples' organization that could assist community identifies their different threats, causes of those and find the way to address those causes by their own initiative

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